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MEDICAL DEVICE TRAININGS is a new platform that integrates free webinars, specific webinar trainings proposed by highly experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Pharma and Medical Device industry, and training session to strengthens your preparation in the life science field.

Our team comes from long experience in the medical device industry as consultant and high-level expert.

We provide direct consultancies for many companies around the World in Product Development, Quality, Regulatory, Validation and ManufacturingManaging complex projects from the beginning until the product launch. 

Our network, partnership and cooperation programs with most skilled professionals and consultancy companies in the field make it possible!


Product Development, Validation Quality and Regulatory Services for Medical Device Field


TS Quality & Engineering offers Medical Device Consulting Services solutions aimed at facilitating, speeding up and support design, validation, regulatory and quality control process.

Consulting, training and system development for Medical Devices companies in order to obtain compliance to ISO 13485 and Medical Device Directive.

Boston Biotech Clinical Research (BBCR) is a strategic clinical innovation organization (SCIO) that offers simplified, customized approaches to planning and conducting clinical research.

Leading partner for sophisticated high-tech plastics and reinforced fiber- composite medical products.
We consult, plan, develop and produce your projects- from start to finish.

Epmodex GmbH

Pharmaceutical Product Development, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Consulting

Italian Informative and divulgative Blog on Microbiology